The three people talked a lot,During the chat,Some things Xia Jian gave instructions on the spot。at this time,The phone on Xia Jian’s desk rang。

Xia Jian walked over and took a look, I found it was from Pingdu,He is busy。 “Hey!That person?“Xia Jian saw it was from a fixed phone,He can’t be sure for a while who beat it,So I asked” There was a woman’s angry voice on the phone:“I am Ouyang Hong!What do you mean?I won’t call us

In addition to the way,The other party secretly reminded……If you can’t guess the other party if you have a purpose,Then he is also so big.。

Just sell him a good? Maybe this。 But it is definitely not the most important。 so,He has this question。 really。 Already replaced someone else,Pan Dongfeng on the ground。 “Ah,Xia Master is really keen。” Toned,Also,“Taxia Master know,You are very dangerous today.?” Summer eyes flash,Jam,“The first thing that is the first thing is……Not only you recognize

See Lu Haozheng and Oujingcp,He was shocked 。

Who is so boring?,Bring these two peoplecpBundle。 Dream is normal,Also specially like to watch novels,Hematop president’s hegemony is a type of wife,She is dizzy, she is dizzy.。 This will get two familiar people.,She is surprised to be very curious.。 She suddenly saw it in the moment.。 In the case of Lu Haoge, Lu Hao,Every female

But according to the relationship between Qingmei Bamboo Horse,Coupled with Lianto,I have always been a little more about people.,So I haven’t left。

But if today,Can pull the night to join their company,Their current situation is completely changed.。 Don’t say the nightipRank,Light is the large number of female fan groups,Entrusted,It’s enough to let them eat and drink.。 Night, I obviously I don’t know the lotus“Sinister”,But I saw,Lian Taro helped himself so much busy,Night, I feel embarrassed to refuse。


The Pacers players are motivated。 seriously,After the tiebreaker with the Cavaliers,,They now have an inexplicable resistance to the tiebreaker,Although they won in the end,The same。 Tiebreaker is too difficult! Not to mention the away tiebreaker,The difficulty has doubled! and so,In order not to play tiebreaker,The Pacers players can also work hard! . Pause back,Both starting

But when he discovered that the sugar in Lu Ban’s hand was the sugar prepared for the guests on the backstage coffee table,Just want to understand,Lu Ban probably thought of what might happen after seeing the Taiwanese notebook。

And after Kang Yong made a mistake,Remedy in time。 It can be seen from this point,Lu Ban’s familiarity with variety shows is no less than an old artist who has been in the entertainment industry for many years,What surprised him was,Ban Lu is just a rookie。 He fixed his eyes on the camera monitor。 Hope

Naruto nodded,Kyuubi’s ability to sense good and evil,It is more appropriate for him to be in charge of beckoning the members of Akatsuki.。

“Forget it for kids,That jar is a little troublesome。” Naruto was talking and recalling how the two met just now。 Although Naruto himself didn’t use his full strength,But the jar is still able to fight Naruto with a small child.。 “Is it just right,The next action also needs more manpower,Naruto,These two people will form a

Don’t know when,When this girl and Shen Huan called,From Teacher Lu’s name to Shen Huan。

Considering that she has a very high EQ,Shen Huan knows that this is what the girl wants to express to be close to herself,Didn’t stop her。 In Shen Huan’s heart,Actually Yang Shu is like this,Just like Zhang Chuchu。 only16Zhang Chuchu,Compared to Yang Shulai,More like a child。 “You’re welcome。”Shen Huan responded with a smile。 “what is……Yingyue

applause,Didn’t affect her at all,She only revels in her own world。Two hands beating quickly on the upper and lower rows of keys、Flying,skilled、powerful、Accurate hitting keyboard,And the bottom two feet are also hitting the bottom pedal at the same time,Use both hands and feet、Whole body coordination,She’s all moving。Listening to the piano,Sonorous and powerful,High spirited,Especially the unique sound of the pipe organ,Strongly infect everyone on the scene。People responded with rounds of applause。

One song。She panted slightly,Stand by the piano,Another straight bow。 The host walks into her,The bracelet is behind her,Introduced:“This excellent double-row electronic pipe organ player is an excellent auditor in our school,Also a person obsessed with music。There is only music and nothing else in her world。I think some students and parents may not know,Due to dystocia

From the strength of what hits his chest,He immediately judged;This is something artificially hit,And the other party was obviously not trying to attack him,Otherwise, I will not attack my own vitals。

Qin Liang looked around,Then he quickly fixed his gaze on the densely leafy tree in the yard。 “It’s you down?I’ll go up?” Walk slowly under the tree,See clearly that there is absolutely no one else around,Qin Liang just raised his head and asked the tree。The leaves are too lush,He can’t see who the person on