Ning Feifei smiled and shook his head,Put the package box on the table,“This is to bring you,You will have a few mouthfuls.,I am afraid that you have not eaten。

I have been working overtime recent,Want to eat well。” Ou Jingyi listened to this,Suddenly stop working in the hands,Watching her eyes deeply。 He just was because Yu Siyun was present.,Can’t eat。 So it’s back.,In addition to my mother, I will care about his life.,Is his three friends,Besides ,No one will care about him or not

Summer first step,Bending down the waist,Put your face to those words,Even the tissue of the tissue,What seems to smell?。

See this scene,Many faces,Just ridicule between the eyes。 How can Luo Tianzhen, who have been next to the cold eye, let go of this pendant summer opportunity,I quickly smiled。 “You are called summer.,Let you know,Not let you eat ink,Don’t understand,It should be the sentence,Clown。” Before at the door,Summer two sentences of their mother and child

The live broadcast is the voice of Shen Xuan.。

“Allocate,This day of the mountain snow lotus,I am going to pick it up now.。” Shen Xuan said seriously:“In this mountain,Various animals have,Tian Mountain Snow Lotus is still growing now,But if it is tomorrow,It is very likely that there is no。” “so what,I plan to climb up.,Pick this Tianshan Snowlore!” After the end,Shen Xuan’s event,Prepare hot

What did Qinling think,The body is gently trembled.,“be careful。”

“Do not worry。” Summer laughing,Comfort,Open the door,Body shape,Soon without going into the dark。 Hool。 Thunder started car,Gallop。 …… at the same time。 A flyingsGallop on the road,Rapidly。 Car rear seat。 Zhang Weiye’s face is full of bodyguards in the co-pilot position,“Violence they still have no news??” “boss,not yet。” Bodyguard sound respect,Also,“They may not find

fighting,From this moment,Is the beginning。

Lin Yu,Hide and watch。 Look more,The more excited。 because,The power of these two,Compared to myself,Not as good as myself。 this one,But I couldn’t think of it。 I thought before losing myself,Nebula Realm,I am very likely,Fight against each other,But at the moment,This result tells myself,Not。 “Star master,Oh no,Someone broke in。” When the two were

The three people talked a lot,During the chat,Some things Xia Jian gave instructions on the spot。at this time,The phone on Xia Jian’s desk rang。

Xia Jian walked over and took a look, I found it was from Pingdu,He is busy。 “Hey!That person?“Xia Jian saw it was from a fixed phone,He can’t be sure for a while who beat it,So I asked” There was a woman’s angry voice on the phone:“I am Ouyang Hong!What do you mean?I won’t call us

Young people understand,This is the oldest call of the Five Elements Temple,The object of the summon is not the two red dragons,But facing the entire lava lake。

Boy at this time,At least one-third of his skin was destroyed by the lava spit out by the red dragon,Showing dark red bones,That’s how it looks after tempering,The lava after destroying the skin is very stubborn,But it’s difficult to penetrate further into the internal organs,As if blocked by an invisible barrier,Can no longer destroy。 The

After all, now,What should I do?。

Such a thing,Itself,It’s even more no doubtful。 As for Shen Xuan,Then the next consciousness。 “Don’t look at me.,What is the specific need?,Most important,Still want to see you!” When Shen Xuan’s words finished,Warrior of other war temple,It’s a nod.。 This is of course,And now,Even if Shen Xuan doesn’t say this,In fact, they will definitely do this.。

Lin Feng continued to look down,This is the two sentiments,Specifically, it is a sense of death and death after death.。

So-called,It is the time when it is not a zombie.,At that time, the will be a person.,One can be with Xuanyuan Great,蚩蚩,Strong Strong Strong Square,Life annotation and sentiments are here。 So-called death,Minister,Not willing to die,With residual will and opportunities,He embedded another road to practice.,Zombie,Awakening,Therefore, it is called a generation of zombies.。 “It’s really ahead!”

It seems that this night is this night.,What strengths have quietly changed the pattern in the dark。

midnight,The whole house is falling into sleep,Even the bamboo knife forged room is turned off.。 The only thing is not turned off,Is the living room of Xuan Yuxi,Seeing that he is not going to sleep tonight.。 Western thousand people came out of the house,Before going to the home,He looked back and looked at the