“Do not worry。”
Summer laughing,Comfort,Open the door,Body shape,Soon without going http://www.paulblack.cn into the dark。
Thunder started car,Gallop。
at the same time。
A flyingsGallop on the road,Rapidly。
Car rear seat。
Zhang Weiye’s face is full of bodyguards in the co-pilot position,“Violence they still have no news??”
“boss,not yet。”
Bodyguard sound respect,Also,“They may not find the right opportunity,Maybe it’s already started.。”
Zhang Weiye’s brow tightens,The haze in the scorpion is like a dark cloud.,“Check what is his identity??And the two women。”
He has always been a bit confused,I always feel that the woman seems to have seen.。
No matter what I think, I can’t think of it.。
The forehead of the bodyguard has a cold sweat,Careful,“I have just explored their identity and origin through some internal relationships.,But I don’t know there.。”
“what!have no idea?”
Zhang Weiye is a bit surprised,Frown。
But when he saw the model of the bodyguard and stop,Immediate cold channel,“What else。”
“boss,Tethanat in central square,The man hit two people again.,I sent people to explore the details,It is said that the person being hit,It seems to shout the name of the person。”
“Oh?what is it call?”Zhang Weiye’s eyes bright。
“Seems to be called……summer。”
Zhang Weiye suddenly felt that this name is like listening。
His http://www.game9678.cn eyebrows,Psychic。
He sat down straight,Two eyes are strong,The pupil in the scorpion suddenly concrete。
“You determine him……He is called summer?”
It seems that too ancient shock,The voice of Zhang Weiye can’t help improve,Even with a nonconvived vibrato。
See this,Bodyguard,But I am very old.,“Is it true?。”
Continuous silence。
Zhang Weiye’s face is cloudy。