He remembers the things between them clearly.。
“hehe……very nice!”Blue Xin can’t help but laugh,His happiness is smashed in his arms.http://www.manfully.cn
“Ah Cheng,We will,Can be so sweet together。” Blue Xin thinks the past,I always feel that the disaster between them is always constant.。
Lu Hao Cheng held her tightly,“Blue,Well,You don’t have to worry about anything.,I am here,You have to be happy every day.。”
“Ah Cheng,Have you,I am not afraid of me.。”Blue Xinli is in his arms,I have no uneasiness before my heart.,Have a lot of peace of mind。
The two people stayed in the land for a long time.。
Blue Xin goes back to accompany her for dinner waiting for Dad.。
Lin Deman is very happy,Looking at the daughter of filial piety,,She is always very grateful to the Cang to return to her.。
Lu Haoheng and Gu Yi Lin,Gu Yi sits in the living room。
Shen Jiaqi and Gu Yimei play with Xiaonan Bridge。
A family is happy,The atmosphere is warm to the extreme。
At 6 o’clock,Gu Xihong off work。
Blue Xin goes to the door waiting for Dad。
Looking at the dad,Blue Xinyou,Pull up your father’s arm,Slowly smile on Dad,“dad,You’re back,Is there a strawberry cake that likes to eat blue blue blue today?。”Her tone is sweet,soft。
Gu Xihong,I returned to the day of my daughter lost.,“dad,come back earlier,Don’t forget to give a strawberry cake with blue,Night is a birthday of Haojiao brother,Blue is going to eat cake with Haojia brother。”Daughter’s sweet voice,Turn it in his heart。
He smiled loving,Run your hand and knead your daughter’s head,Looking at the exquisite face of her smile,Years lapse,His daughter grew up,Slim。
“Blue,Dad bought it.,Is your favorite strawberry cake。”Daylight instrument gives him a call,Said blue blue waiting for him to come back to eat,He specially went to buy a strawberry http://www.jinmawl.cn cake in the centennial shop she liked.。
Overhead,The taste of that has never changed。
It is still her favorite taste.。
Blue Xin’s eyes suddenly,“dad,You still remember that I will go to work every day.,Will you give me a gift after get off work??”
Gu Xihong also instantly red eyes,Unparalleled,“Blue,Remember。”His prary,That is his happiest day,When choosing a gift to her daughter,Thinking of my daughter happy smile,He is very happy。
Come back later,I will not forget to buy a gift to my daughter.。
“Um!”Blue Xinnao,Blue Xin, there is no memory, and Memory of Memory,The feeling between the two is completely different。
Excited Gu Xihong, unable to speak,In this moment,I feel that my daughter is really coming back.。
“Blue,wait。”Gu Xile opened the trunk,Take a strawberry cake out,Blue Xinyi watched http://www.365yuan.cnpackaging,very familiar,It is the cake that she often eats.。
“give,Blue,Your favorite strawberry cake。”Gu Xihong’s voice is more love。
“Thank you Dad!”Blue Xin still laughs a sweet face。
“go,Blue,Let’s go back to have dinner。”Gu Xihong smiled very happy,I heard my daughter came back with my dinner.,He sold the cake.,Just rush。
This time reunion,Restore memory in Blue Xin,Is the real big reunion。
After eating,Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Xin have returned to the villa of Penghu。
Blue Xin accompanied Yi Tianqi to go to the lake for half an hour.。
For Blue Xin,Two dad,Two moms,She feels that she is the happiest person in this world.。