“I only remember things during pregnancy,Remove pregnancy,Nothing,I didn’t write anything about housework or work。”Wenwen said quickly。
Wang Jiadong looked down,Said:“What are they talking about?”
Wenwen says:“Didn’t say anything else,Just ask me why I didn’t give the child a name in advance。”
Wang Jiadong asked casually:“What do you say?”
Wenwen says:“I didn’t mention it,Said nothing。”
Wang Jiadong nodded。
Wenwen said again:“But one thing I don’t understand。”
“Oh?what’s up?”
“I told Wang Yuan a long time ago,After the baby is born,Let you give his name,But don’t know why,Wang Yuan actually wrote this in the back,You see。”Wenwen said,I took that book,Turn to the last page,Point it to Wang Jiadong。
Wang Jiadong watched for a long time,Frowned and said“They asked this question?”
Wenwen nodded,Say:“asked,I said I don’t know when he wrote it。In fact,I really don’t know when Wang Yuan wrote it。”
“Ok——”Wang Jiadong raised his head,Look at Wenwen,undoubtedly,He is also puzzled,Indeed as Wenwen said,They have said that he, the grandfather, will name the child,Why did Madoka secretly name the child??And don’t ask for Wenwen’s opinion?This issue,It’s really strange。He thought for a while and said: “Think about it later,Let’s go home now。”
Wang Jiadong said,Just before the bed,Spread both arms,Want to hug grandson,Don’t know how to hug,I was stunned for a long time and didn’t know where to start。
Wenwen sees it,I bent over and picked up the child from the bed,Sent to Wang Jiadong’s arms。
Coincidentally,The child opened his eyes,Two small eyes are turning round and round,Looking at Wang Jiadong。Looking at the child’s incomparably clear eyes,Wang Jiadong smiled like a flower,Said:“Haha,grandson,you’re awake?Wake up well,Wake up well,Grandpa will take you home when he wakes up,Let’s go home——”
My wife came in and said:“Will you hug?Be careful,Don’t fall。”
Listen to Wang Jiadong,Glared at my wife,Said:“What did you say?I can’t throw my grandson even if I throw,Really can’t speak。Your grandma and old woman can’t speak,Let’s ignore him,Go home with grandpa。”
See this scene,Wenwen is very moved,Mother-in-law told her,When she gave birth to Wangyuan,Don’t say make her milk soup,He is annoying even if the child cries、Disgusted,In mother-in-law’s impression,Father-in-law never hugged Wang Yuan,I haven’t coaxed Wang Yuan,But now,Grandfather,Not only make milk soup for my daughter-in-law,Still rushing to hug the child,Is it,Father-in-law is really old?
Wang Jiadong holding his baby and walking ahead,In the corridor,Meet acquaintances from time to time,Wenwen hurried to catch up,Said:“dad,Let me do it,I always meet acquaintances here。”