NBA Chinese boss Cai Chongxin’s team issued a joint statement calling for peaceful protest
NBA华裔老板蔡崇信旗下球队发表联合声明 号召和平抗议  当地时间上周日,包括布鲁克林篮网、长岛篮网、纽约自由、巴克莱中心在内的蔡崇信旗下球队,联合发表声明,谴责种族歧视The atrocities called on everyone to hold peaceful protests.  We mourn George Freud, Brainer Taylor, Ahmed Apoli, and countless others who lost their lives due to racial prejudice.Today, we stand up and loudly oppose all forms of racial discrimination-openly or subconsciously, especially against the black community.  We want to say enough.  Not all of us have experienced the personal suffering, fear, and despair of black Americans in certain incidents.But our intuition tells us that we lack respect for human life and are instigated by prejudice, which is completely wrong.Regardless of skin color and race, all people deserve to be treated with dignity and protected from violence.  We are heartbroken by an attack on the personal safety and dignity of the black community.We can feel plain emotions and call for peaceful expression in our fight against racial discrimination.This is not the time for revenge, but the time for change.  We will not pretend to have all the solutions, but we promise to use our voice and platform to convey empathy and dialogue, help find answers, and heal wounds and pain.  We will continue to work with the community, including fans, players, employees, and local law enforcement agencies, to raise awareness, combat racial prejudice, and bring about meaningful changes. Original title: NBA Chinese-American boss team issued a joint statement calling for peaceful protest